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Scott Pettey, CSCS RPCNC

Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Lasell University

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

RP Certified Nutrition Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Scott. I hold a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Lasell University, and I’m an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist with 10 years experience helping clients reach their fitness and nutrition goals.

Prior to starting SRA Training Systems LLC, I worked as a personal trainer at a gym and I spent some years working in a sports medicine clinic helping clients effectively bridge the gap between rehab and returning to training and sport. 


When I’m not helping people reach their fitness goals you can find me pursuing my own fitness goals, enjoying a good book, or cheering on the greatest team in sports history—the Lakers!


I’m here to serve as your guide—helping you get from where you are now to where you want to be. My mission is to provide you with the confidence and self efficacy to work toward your goals and reap the many benefits of an active lifestyle.


Most people just assume that because I’m a coach, fitness and being in shape comes easy for me. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh when people make this assumption. Not to be rude, but because it’s far from the truth. 


From middle school through college I really struggled with my body image. I was nervous to take my shirt off around people. I under ate on a regular basis, but at times would binge on junk food when I knew no one was around or would know.


I ended up being in college at 6’ 2”, 158 pounds and still thinking I was “skinny fat”. I tried all kinds of crazy things hoping I’d gain the muscle I wanted—supplements, fasting, cutting out meat/dairy, seeing doctors and specialists, getting my testosterone checked, every work out routine under the sun—and nothing.

It wasn’t until I got through my college education, where I learned the science behind proper training and nutrition, and started my career in the fitness industry that my transformation began.


And ironically, I didn’t actually start helping clients until I first helped myself and found success in my own journey. Finally, after finding my own success, I could step back and appreciate what they were going through. 


This education led me to transform not only my body, but my clients’ bodies as well.⁣

I share this because although we may not have the same fitness goals, I’ve been burned by some of the same fads and quick fixes as you. I struggled with the same fears and anxieties as everyone else—some that I still battle with today.


I started SRA Training Systems as a way to reach more people like you, and to help you see your fitness potential without worrying about fad diets, endless cardio, supplements or other extreme measures that only work for 2 weeks at a time. 


But don’t just take my word for it. Check out some testimonials from my amazing clients and how they found success in their health and fitness journey.

Brenda P.

After having baby #2, I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight & tone up. I thought I could achieve this by very strict dieting, but this was unsustainable. Scott provided me with a roadmap to get on track through eating enough of the right foods coupled with weekly weight training. Following his plan, I lost 17lbs & it didn’t include starving myself or endless cardio. I couldn’t be happier with the results & would recommend Scott to anyone that wants to change their life for the better. Thanks Coach!

Jill O.

Before starting with Scott I could not look at a picture of myself and feel 'ok' with it anymore. I wasn’t sure Scott would be able to relate, but I was 100% wrong! Since starting with Scott my leggings are fitting looser. I’m consistently working out 3 times a week. I’m energized like never before and my mood is night and day from where I was when I started! And the best part of online coaching is it’s easy, convenient, and Scott provides tons of attention and support. If you feel like you’re ready to make a change, I would highly recommend coaching with Scott.

Charlene C.

As a female wanting to lose weight, I wondered if Scott would be able to relate and help. I lacked confidence performing many exercises due to lingering injuries and wasn't sure how far I could progress. Scott helped me regain my confidence. In the first 20 weeks of training with Scott, I've lost 30 pounds! Scott invests his time in getting to know me as an individual to provide a specific and focused plan, he’s patient answering questions, and keeps me on track.

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