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Testimonials & Results

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Renee B.

When I first started with Scott I was still very heavy and out of shape. I felt self-conscious about working out and knew I wouldn’t be able to do everything. I was also fairly early in my recovery process from double knee replacements. I had never worked with a trainer before and I didn’t know what to expect. Scott helped me figure out realistic goals and overcome the fears I had of embarrassment and not being able to do some exercises. I wanted to look and feel like I was athletic. He knew my limitations and worked with me to keep improving. Scott explained the basics of nutrition and how to begin living a healthier lifestyle. During our check-ins he listened to me, encouraged me, praised me and pushed me to keep going. My life has completely changed thanks to Scott and that's no exaggeration. I’ve lost 120 pounds, I have tons of energy, and I enjoy exercise! I see muscles where there were none and I look better than I did in high school. Scott, you are amazing! Your approach and easy, non-judgmental way really made me comfortable and want to put in the work.

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Kristina K.

In the past I tried to be consistent on my own, but I didn't have the basic understanding of how to strength train and build a healthy diet based on macros. Cardio, restricting foods, and unhealthy coping mechanisms were back-firing as I turned 30.

A friend recommended I try working with Scott, and I'm so so grateful I did. Working with Scott has given me a renewed sense of confidence in myself that has grown to positively affect all aspects of my life. Now understanding the importance of consistency, routine, and perseverance I feel empowered and in control of my own well-being and my body.

Scott's professional and caring approach has made the experience so comfortable for me. He provides compassionate support and motivation each week that fuels me to keep going. Thank you Scott!

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Pamela H.

I was a little hesitant before working with Scott because I had never worked with an online coach before. I train for and compete in endurance events and wasn’t sure if online coaching would be a good fit for me. Scott was able to put my mind at ease by really taking the time to understand my goals. Scott always takes the time to check in with me regularly, plans and updates my workouts around my competition schedule, and makes himself available to answer questions if I reach out. My main goals are to improve my race times and stay healthy so I can continue to compete. So far this season I cut 6 minutes off my finish time at the Whaling City Triathlon and averaged 1.5 miles per hour faster for 75 miles in the Bike MS Cape Cod Getaway compared to my time in 2019! I have really enjoyed working with Scott and the support he has given me, even coming out to the Whaling City Triathlon to cheer me on in person. I’m super excited to see what I can accomplish the rest of this season!


Julie C.

Before working with Scott I had worked with multiple personal trainers but had never found one that I stayed with long term. Two things changed my mind - results, and the working relationship we have built over the years. When I started with Scott my top goals were to develop a lean and muscular body and to be healthy and strong as I age. Since then I have developed abs for the first time ever and my legs and arms have better definition. I can now back squat my body weight, deadlift almost twice my body weight, and despite prior injuries I can now press weight over my head again. I trust that Scott is going to do the best thing for me and he pushes me to work up to my full potential.

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Michelle P.

I started with Scott because I had reached a plateau - I felt like I tried everything. I was eating healthy, running 3 miles a day, and doing HIIT workouts that were pure torture. Working out actually made me more frustrated instead of being the release I needed. Scott introduced me to weight lifting and it changed the way I looked at working out and my body physique. There were so many things I learned along the way in terms of nutrition. I was eating healthy before, but didn't realize I was never in a calorie deficit to lose the remaining body fat I wanted. We really focused on my protein intake because I wasn't eating nearly enough and when I started eating the right amount it made a big difference.
I went on an 8-week calorie deficit diet, but I never starved myself and I still ate dark chocolate every night. I started following a structured program in the gym, built up my strength and started loving going to the gym. After the 8-week diet I lost 6.5 pounds. I feel stronger and better than ever. I am so happy I started with Scott, I finally have the confidence and tools I need.

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Beth S.

I started working with Scott 3 years ago after an ACL replacement. My location and schedule made it difficult to commit to in-person sessions, and taking fitness classes or going to the gym wasn’t for me. Online coaching with Scott turned out to be more than I ever expected. Scott designs workout programs specifically tailored to my goals and skill level. He pushes me, but in a way that makes ME want to push myself, which I feel is the definition of a remarkable coach.

A few months into training, I realized my body composition was changing, mush was turning into muscle. I knew I was getting stronger, but it hadn’t occurred to me that I would also look strong! I haven’t been this strong in decades and wonder why it took me until my 50s to figure this out. We discuss workouts, nutrition, goals, struggles, accomplishments, and more. He’s always available for questions, advice, and encouragement. There’s a running joke in my house where I’m repeatedly asked to use my “Scott Arms” to do all the heavy lifting…the joke is on everyone else because guess what? I’m actually strong enough to do it! I HIGHLY recommend Scott, he’s an incredible coach!

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Linda C.

Scott is the ultimate fitness professional. He has helped me improve my sport specific strength for competing in triathlons. His programming is creative, periodized and appropriate to my skill level. Scott is always willing to adapt my program to suit my energy and ability on any given day. In addition to his outstanding competence, Scott is an amazing human: kind, thoughtful, friendly and very available to his clients. Too bad he can’t be cloned but he’s one of a kind!!

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Laura J.

Before starting, I wasn't convinced I would be able to stick to a routine for so long. If you struggle like I did with finding consistent time to set aside, Scott made it easy for me by allowing me to choose when to work out. I pick the time and the place, Scott gives me his expertise and coaching. The best part of working with Scott is he broke down this experience into bite size attainable goals. When I started my goals were to create healthy habits, find a sustainable routine, and lose some body fat. Since starting with Scott I lost several pounds, established healthy eating habits, built strength, and learned how to stay interested in workouts. Scott kept me focused on the big picture and held me accountable without making me feel like I was failing at any point.


Danielle F.

In the past I had not been as dedicated when working with a coach, so I was hesitant about making the commitment and investment for something I wouldn't continue. Scott was extremely professional in the intake process and took a lot of great care in providing a welcoming onboarding experience. His serious approach helped me change my mindset to be serious too. My main goals from the start were to gain muscle and lose body fat. I am definitely feeling stronger every day and can notice some body recomposition, especially in my upper body. I can even do full push ups now for reps! I've been super super impressed with Scott’s professionalism throughout our time working together and he has done a lot to support my fitness journey.

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Brenda P.

After having baby #2, I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight & tone up. I thought I could achieve this by very strict dieting, but this was unsustainable. Scott provided me with a roadmap to get on track through eating enough of the right foods coupled with weekly weight training. Following his plan, I lost 17lbs & it didn’t include starving myself or endless cardio. I couldn’t be happier with the results & would recommend Scott to anyone that wants to change their life for the better. Thanks Coach!

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Jill O.

Before starting with Scott I could not look at a picture of myself and feel 'ok' with it anymore. To see myself in a picture was so defeating as I was heavier than I’d ever been in my life. To be honest, I wasn’t sure Scott would be able to relate and I was afraid he’d have a disciplinarian style of 'coaching'. Both were 100% wrong! Scott helped me set realistic goals and individualized the experience to set me up for success. He allowed me to share where I was coming from and incorporated that into a program that’s perfect for ME!

Since starting with Scott my leggings are fitting looser. I’m consistently working out 3 times a week. I’m energized like never before and my mood is night and day from where I was when I started! I’ve learned things about nutrition and exercise I never knew, even though I’m a nurse. Truly skills and information that will change how I live life going forward. And the best part of online coaching is it’s easy, convenient, and Scott provides tons of attention and support. If you feel like you’re ready to make a change, I would highly recommend coaching with Scott.

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I wasn't sure how effective online coaching would be when you’re not 'in-person' to see results, techniques, accomplishments, etc. But instead of just telling me what to do, Scott thoroughly explained. He gives me opportunities to ask questions, walks me through the process, and follows up with videos, notes, and suggestions. And the best part of online coaching is the support and ease of communicating. The weekly calls, mid-week check-in texts, and knowing Scott is available and always responds.

After 12 weeks my upper body is much stronger, I’m seeing muscle definition, I’ve learned to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I’m so happy to begin seeing results. My workouts are now a part of me and I miss it if I don't do it. Scott’s coaching has added value to my life. I’m more invested in myself and making better decisions overall. To fully understand this program and make it work, you need to commit to it. You’re not alone during this program, there’s so many supportive tools with SRA Training Systems. I’m really looking forward to our next journey. Thank you Coach!

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Leah B.

Scott is a dedicated, well rounded trainer. He helps me maintain my core strength and overall strength to keep ahead of back pain and to keep up with my busy life. My quality of life is much better with Scott’s help!

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Esther O.

I’ve been working with Scott since 2019. I was 70 years old and newly retired. I wanted to tone up, have a stronger core and have more energy so I could lead an active lifestyle without worrying about falling. I had arthritis in my knee and an old right shoulder injury. Scott pushed me but never to a point that was beyond my ability. My program worked around what I could do and slowly increased my activities as I gained more strength.

In October 2020, I was diagnosed with left breast cancer. If it wasn’t for me working with Scott before my diagnosis, I never would have done as well as I did. My oncologists could not believe how well I could move my arm just 2 weeks post mastectomy. I credit Scott for this. When I started back with strength training—during my treatment—there were exercises I couldn’t do because of lymphedema. Scott put a program together that I was able to do to maintain my strength and core. It hasn’t always been easy, but I am so thankful for Scott’s continued support.

For me, strength training is a prescription and I wouldn’t think of doing this with anyone else. No matter what your age (next month I turn 74) it is NEVER too late to start strength training! Scott is compassionate, understanding and will never give you a program that does not fit you.


Charlene C.

As a female wanting to lose weight, I wondered if Scott would be able to relate and help. I lacked confidence in performing many exercises due to lingering sports injuries and wasn't sure how far I could progress. I was surprised and impressed from the start. Scott's knowledge was evident in the routines he developed for me and that made all the difference in being able to push myself to new limits I hadn't thought possible. I already ate healthy, but I struggled with consistent weight loss. Once Scott looked at the specifics and recommended changes, I've seen steady weight loss every week. In the first 20 weeks of training with Scott, I've lost 30 pounds! I've totally regained my confidence. I’m now able to perform many things I wasn’t able to do, including deadlifts. I have osteoarthritis and never thought I could do squats. I have partial tears in one shoulder and am now able to bench press. I feel stronger every week from the workouts and I look forward to them. Scott invests his time in getting to know me as an individual to provide a specific and focused plan. He’s patient answering questions and keeps me on track. I've always struggled with the big picture, but I'm finally trusting the process because it's working!


Amber N.

Before training with Scott I was apprehensive to start lifting weights because I had little knowledge or experience with weight training. From the start Scott was able to explain my training plan to me and how it related to my goals of wanting to get stronger and be more muscular. He was able to explain in an easy to understand way each position and where I needed to focus my efforts to continue to make progress toward my goals. Within four months of training I’ve been able to hit a 170 pound back squat, a 100 pound bench press, and a 200 pound deadlift! I am looking and feeling the strongest I ever have and my confidence is continuing to climb every week!


April B.

Prior to training with Scott I was nervous about lifting weights again and avoiding knee pain because of a recent knee injury I suffered. As a former college volleyball player my main goals were to get back in shape for volleyball and to get stronger. Scott helped me to find the right starting point to get back into training and now that I’m seeing improvement almost every week my confidence has skyrocketed. And the best part is I haven’t had any knee pain at all! I’ve been able to get back to competing in volleyball almost every week and I’m feeling and looking stronger than ever. I’m excited to head into the in-door volleyball season and see what I can accomplish!

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Kim D.

At first I was nervous I wouldn't be able to get through the workouts. Weight training had always been too intimidating to try on my own. Scott’s patience in working through any hesitation or lack of confidence I have has been the biggest help. My main goals are to manage stress and be more consistent with training to stay in shape and limit injuries as I like to run recreationally and I play in multiple soccer leagues. Since starting training with Scott I have gotten a lot stronger, gained a ton of confidence, and have stayed injury free. I can do several full push-ups, bench press over 100 pounds, back squat more than my body weight, and deadlift about 1.5 times my bodyweight. Now that I’m training consistently I’ve found I really enjoy lifting weights and Scott helps motivate me to work towards goals I may not have set on my own.

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Derek D.

After a back injury I had in college, I was nervous to get back into lifting and hesitant to push myself and the weights again. I was frustrated that I wasn’t lifting the same weights I was used to lifting. Scott was able to help me shift my focus away from the specific weight on the bar and focus more on my consistency, effort level, and matching the workout to what I can handle at the time. Now that I’ve been training consistently I’ve been continuing to progress and hitting weights for reps I never thought I’d be able to achieve after my injury! Scott is not only a great person, but he helped me find the fun in lifting again.

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Brenda S.

For the last five years Scott has been helping me to achieve my fitness goals. When I recently suffered an arm injury and thought I would be unable to continue my workouts, he was able to adjust the exercises so that I could maintain strength in my good arm while slowly rebuilding strength in the injured one. I was able to recover and get back to full strength faster with his assistance. I highly recommend SRA Training Systems for developing workout plans to suit your fitness needs.

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Meryl M.

Scott designed everything to meet my personal needs and unbelievably enough, I am a good deal stronger. He made the exercises easy to follow and demanding enough without being impossible. I'm proud of how much I've improved and thank Scott for his guidance support. I would strongly recommend him!!

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Linda M.

Scott has provided support, exercises and encouragement to help strengthen my back and overall core. I feel the benefit of his targeted and specific work which has enabled me to become healthier. He builds on my strength and responds with challenges that motivate and help me to move forward and reach my goals. Scott is an excellent trainer!

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Jane C.

When I started training with Scott I was nervous because I didn’t have much experience training with weights. I was worried the workouts would be too strenuous and I would be so sore I wouldn’t be able to function. Scott helped build my confidence by starting out slow and progressively making workouts more challenging as I got used to them. My number one reason for starting training was to strengthen my knee so that I can avoid needing a knee replacement. Now that I've been training regularly for a few months my knee feels much stronger, I can do stairs easier and with less pain, and I can walk further and longer! Scott pushes me enough to challenge me, but not so hard that I get discouraged.

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