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SRA Training Systems

Online Fitness & Diet Coaching—And Your Last Stop For Long Lasting Results

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Achieve your health & fitness goals—and maintain them—without completely disrupting the other awesome parts of your life.

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Renee B.

Scott helped me figure out realistic goals. We sat down and he listened to me, encouraged me, praised me and pushed me to keep going. My life has completely changed thanks to Scott and that is absolutely no exaggeration. I’ve lost 120 pounds. I see muscles where there were none and I look better than I did in high school. Scott, you are amazing!

How Can Online Coaching Benefit You?

Online coaching takes the guess work out of your diet & training so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. Having a plan and an experienced coach with you every step of the way gives you all the tools you need to become the leanest, strongest, most confident version of you.

Save Time

Working full time, kids, trying to have a social life—you already have enough to manage. Aligning your schedule with your coach doesn't need to be added on top. Online coaching is 100% remote so you can train at home or at a gym of your choice and still have a coach with you every step of the way. Train when you want and where you want, at your convenience.

Save Money

Online coaching is a more cost effective option than in-person coaching. You get amazing service without a gym acting as a middle-man between you and your coach.  

More Accountability & Support

With in person training, you rarely get any contact from your trainer outside the gym. With online coaching you'll have 24/7 support. Whether you have questions, need accountability or adjustments I'll be with you every step of the way.

  • Is coaching customized to me?
    Yes, every client receives a custom program based 100% on your goals, the equipment you have available, how many days per week you want to train, schedule, etc.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer program options that include training only, diet only, or a combo of training and diet coaching. All coaching is done online and on a one on one basis.
  • How will we communicate during the program?
    Communication and support will happen through your training template, 24/7 text and email support, and optional weekly coaching calls to go over questions, concerns, make updates, review your progress, etc.
  • What format are my training and diet plans in?
    All custom training and diet plans are delivered through Google Sheets. Here you'll have clear, easy to navigate spreadsheets with your exercises, demonstration videos, sets, reps, macro targets, etc—all in one place. You'll also have space to record your performance and leave notes so we can track your progress over time.
  • Do I need to have a gym membership?
    You do not need to have a gym membership, however you will get the most out of coaching if you have access to a commercial gym or a well-equipped home gym. We create a program based on the equipment you have available to you with options on equipment to purchase that can help facilitate results.
  • My schedule is super busy, will you accommodate for that?
    Yes, everything is structured with your schedule, lifestyle, and time available in mind. We create everything to make your life easier.
  • How long is the coaching program?
    Unfortunately, results don't come overnight—and there are no quick fixes. Coaching packages are for 3-month, 6-month, or one year options. We will discuss together on our free consultation call what makes most sense for you and your goals. *Training-only coaching is available on a month to month basis.
  • How will I know how to do the exercises correctly?
    Every exercise listed in your program will have a video demonstration of the exercise for you to view. If you would like feedback on your technique you will have instructions to send a video of one of your sets and we will review it together on one of our coaching calls.


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